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documenta 14 has reached more people than ever before

America’s most urgent creative movement—and the people behind it

Scandinavian duo Elmgreen and Dragset say biennial offers a nuanced perspective on the country, but Turkish artists admit need to censor their work

Cindy Sherman, the Queen of the selfie, makes Instagram account public

Cambridge University Press blocked access in China to more than 300 academic articles

The end of the biennial?

“The format of the ‘large international exhibition’ – the big, globally ubiquitous curated exhibition – may be starting to show signs of fatigue.”

Sculpture Projects Münster 2017: the essential things to see

Documenta 14 Opens in Kassel with Fiery, Combative Press Conference as Curators Pledge to Fight Neo-Fascism

Why the Rise of Workout Classes in Museums Should Worry Art Lovers

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