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Welcome to AICAHK, the Hong Kong art critics' website! This is Hong Kong's only online art criticism resource with a range of essays, opinion pieces, articles and art criticism on Hong Kong, Asian and international art and cultural issues freely available - our current reviews are on our homepage. Past articles are archived or can be searched by author's name or selecting a keyword. Please join our mailing list or like us
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The International Association of Art Critics Hong Kong (AICAHK) comprises of art critics living in Hong Kong who have actively published about art and/or participated in radio or television programmes on a regular basis.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • to promote art criticism as a discipline and contribute to its methodology
  • to protect the freedom of critical expression and the ethical and professional interests of art critics, and co-operate in defending their rights
  • to maintain an active international network for Members, with the aid of available technologies and encouragement of face-to-face encounters
  • to contribute to the mutual understanding of visual arts and aesthetics in all cultures
  • to stimulate professional relationships across political, geographical, ethnic, economic and religious boundaries
  • to defend impartially, freedom of expression and thought, and oppose arbitrary censorship
  • to facilitate exchange of information in the field of the arts


The International Association of Art Critics, Hong Kong was established in 1996 as the local branch of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA).

AICA is a NGO, founded in 1950 under the patronage of UNESCO, whose objective it is to support art criticism in all its forms, worldwide and to keep pace with its changing disciplines. With its Headquarters in Paris, AICA represents and promotes the activities of the Association’s 4,600 members, grouped into 61 different Sections, throughout the world.

AICAHK is composed of art critics, professors, curators and art professionals active in Hong Kong to enhance artistic and intellectual awareness in Hong Kong and develop international co-operation in the fields of cultural development.

AICAHK Art Issues

Hong Kong's artscene covers a variety of artist-run spaces, commercial galleries, public museums; and, exhibitions in shopping centres and temporary spaces in locations ranging from Fo Tan in the New Territories to Chai Wan at the western end of Hong Kong Island and covering the traditional arts viewing areas of Central, Sheung Wan and Wan Chai.

AICAHK has expanded the Art Issues section of this website to include recent art reviews, articles and comments on the current Hong Kong artscene. Contributions and comments from the wider public are welcome and can be made by email at:


President : John Batten
Vice President : vacant
Website Editor : John Batten

AICA Membership

Contact us about AICAHK Full Membership which is open to critics who have been writing in the field of contemporary art at a high level. To be eligible, candidates must produce evidence of sustained activity over the previous three years, in one or more of the following areas:

- daily/periodical press, or broadcasting on radio, TV or video, or in the electronic media
- publication of works of art history, aesthetics or criticism
- teaching of art criticism, art history, aesthetics, curating, or art, at higher or tertiary level
- curatorial work and analysis for educational or scholarly ends, including the production of scholarly or critical texts for museums or galleries, whose principal aim is not essentially commercial

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